A5 in colors of the sea

A6 in violet with pen holder

Fieldnotes in golden brown, aqua- green en dark- brown

regular size in a mix of purple/violet/fuchsia

A5 trifold in colors of the sea

A 6 en regular size, lady in distressed orange and lady in red

back of the A6 and regular

fieldnotes in golden-brown

large moleskin cahier size in vintage brown and an A5 in colors of the sea

A5 in vintage brown and A5 in violet

regular size (wide) in colors of the sea

inside 4 elastic bands, regular size (wide) colors of the sea

regular size (wide) in fuchsia

customize your own notebook , undyed leather stamped with mahogany dye.

Trifold large moleskin cahier size in vintage brown

A6 undyed 3.5 mm thick leather. Fielnotes in vintage mahogany

Made with love ♡♡♡

Regular size in forest green ( mix of green colors)

Colors of the sea with some purple and gold

Regular size in walnut , red and forest green

A5 and fieldnotes in distressed aquagreen

Regular size in distressed orange

Vintage paper for inserts

Inserts !

A5 trifold in vintage brown

Romatic roses ♡ paper for inserts

A6 inserts in many colors !

package ready for shipment !

A6 inserts in pastel colors

Inserts with vintage covers.

turquoise with brown distressed , and brown painted flower on the back. Inserts with vintage covers.

elastic in many colors to choose for you notebook closure.

Regular size Adori's and inserts , colors of the sea and vintage mahogany ♡♡♡

Fieldnotes in distressed mahogany and inserts. Ready for shipment !

vintage mahogany , golden brown and walnut brown

A6 in dark brown.

rich deep purple color

Regular size trifold in vintage pink

regular size colors of the sea with some purple and gold.

beautiful mix of purple, violet and some fuchsia ♡

trifolds ♡♡♡dyed with a mix of purple , volet and fuchsia ♡♡♡

pretty in pink !

turquoise A6 and beautiful inserts .

inside text distressed with mahogany.

Cover and inside of a vintage junkjournal

Vintage kraft covers

aquagreen fieldnotes and A5. beautiful dangle of charms.

Romantic paper for the cover of an insert


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Here you can find also a choise of paper for the covers of your inserts (numbers 1 - 82 )